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Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island Light House Bald Head Island is a true cape island, accessible only by boat. The absence of cars, along with the 18 mph speed limit of the electric carts, promotes the tranquility of the setting.

Of all the appealing features that set Bald Head Island apart from the ordinary beach destination, perhaps the most distinctive is its stunning variety of natural environments and the thoughtfully planned neighborhoods that border them.

You will find homes and home sites set in and around ocean beach, river beach, a picturesque harbor, a vast marsh, a championship golf course and a maritime forest. Each setting offers its own unique charms.

Throughout Bald Head Island, most island homes feature a traditional coastal architectural style, and the communities are punctuated by picket fences and connecting walkways. Homes here range from large to small, grand to quaint.

Bald Head Island Sunset On Bald Head Island, you'll revel in a spectacular range of environments- 14 miles of ocean beach, 10,000 acres of protected salt marsh and tidal creeks, and a vast maritime forest preserve.

In addition to enjoying the pleasures of Bald Head Island's natural environments, you may wish to check out the activities at the Bald Head Island Club, the Shoals Club and the Bald Head Island Marina.

Accessible only by boat, the exclusive Bald Head Island is to some, the perfect place to retire.

Developed with a keen eye to sensitive land planning and coastal architecture, the private island resort community developers have created some of the most beautiful and sought after real estate on the North Carolina coast. Cars, like the outside world, are not allowed on the island retreat. Instead, golf carts transport residents from one side of the island to the other on winding trails canopied by Spanish moss draped live oaks. Located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, Bald Head Island was once a favorite place for pirates to hole up, protected by the island's forestation and calm waters, and by the pro-pirate communities in the area. Legend has it that Blackbeard often used the island to replenish his food stocks and hide his treasure, though as of yet, no treasure has been found on the island. But that hasn't discouraged the hundreds of youngsters who spend entire summers searching.

During the Civil War, Union blockades used the island as a natural barrier to help keep Rebel ships from entering the Cape Fear River inlet.

Bald Head Island-Aerial View Since the early 1900s, the pristine beaches and luxury accommodations have been a favorite vacation spot of the upper crust of Wilmington and Charleston. Only now, the rest of the world has been let in on their secret.

Daily life on the island is unlike that like most people are accustomed. All of the conveniences of the outside world - retail and super market shopping - remains on the outside world, and a majority of the items residents need day to day must be brought over, either on the ferry that runs to the island several times a day, or by private boat, many residents preferred mode of transport. The island marina does offer basic foodstuffs for residents. On island there is a small grocery store that offers deli items, a butcher shop, fresh produce, and, most importantly, a fully stocked wine shop. There are also two clothing stores on the island, and the golf club pro shop is there to meet any golfing needs island residents may have.

Despite the island's remoteness, there is plenty to do. Besides lounging on the beach, the favorite pastime of island residents, the island is in the middle of some of the best boating and fishing in the country, and there is a private 18-hole golf course on the island.

Let us help you find that dream home, beach house, condo, or investment real estate property in Bald Head Island - contact us with any questions you might have about the area.

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