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Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

Boiling Springs Lakes, NC As it's name implies, the most unusual feature of the town of Boiling Spring Lakes is a boiling spring of unusually pure water, but the town also boasts an incredible 50 natural and manmade lakes. The centerpiece of all these bodies of water is the 150-acre "Big Lake", which involves 10 miles of shoreline.

As far as recorded history reveals, the boiling spring remained hidden until developers happened upon it in 1961. Wishing to enhance the natural wonder, they built a four-foot-high brick wall around it. Nearly as soon as the last brick was laid, the spring suddenly stopped running, only to burst free about 15 feet outside the perimeter of the wall. Over time, as the wall broke down, the spring returned to its natural course. Although, as far as anyone knows, the spring had laid hidden for countless years, local legend holds that Indians once visited the spot annually as they made their way to the ocean to replenish their supply of seafood and game. Drinking from the fountain reportedly assured a safe return home.

Now Boiling Spring Lakes proves to be one of the fastest growing towns in Bruswick County. Given its proximity to the Brunswick Island beaches, as well as the beauty of its own unusual lakes, it's no wonder the town continues attracting new residents and businesses. All the activities associated with fresh water lakes (boating, fishing and swimming) are available, and the town's proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic beyond presents opportunities for sailing and saltwater angling.

Every year, the nearby town of Southport hosts all of Brunswick County for the Christmas by the Sea Festival. With the temperature averaging nearly 60 degrees, it's the perfect place to be during winter. Rather than one event, Christmas by the Sea is actually a series of events stretched over 3 weekends. Brunswick Community College is home to the Odell Williamson Auditorium, which enriches the area with educational programs and numerous performances - some 100 of them a year, to be exact.

Golfers in Boiling Spring Lakes are challenged by the Ed Ricaboni designed course at The Lakes Country Club. And just to keep the skills sharp, Brunswick County hosts an incredible 30 golf courses, with more being planned for the future. With Southeast North Carolina's mild climate, golfers can enjoy teeing it up nearly 12 months out of the year.

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