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Ask your Realtor/Buyer Agent this simple question:
"Do you or does your agency ever list homes for sale?"

Unless you get a simple "no" you're not talking to an Exclusive Buyer Agent.
And unless you want to settle for less than 100 percent representation when buying a home, this is not the real estate agent for you!

Representing Buyers Only, Inc. is an Exclusive Buyer's Agency (or Brokerage). We work only as Buyer's Agents. We do not represent sellers and we do not participate in "dual agency". We are the Buyer's full-time advocate, researcher, advisor, and experienced negotiator. As your Exclusive Buyer Broker, we provide you with the highest level of real estate service and our undivided loyalty - without any additional expense. Click here to receive additional information about Buyer Representation.

Best of all, this valuable service costs you nothing - in fact, we pride ourselves on saving you money (not to mention time and stress).Selling costs are normally built into the price of a home; therefore our fee is paid out of the seller's funds at closing.

  1. We give you the ability to objectively search area MLS properties in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.
  2. We show you the real estate market in an objective manner.
  3. We facilitate your transaction.

Hiring a Buyer's Broker is a very wise decision. Finally, buyers today have an opportunity to enjoy the same level of effective, confidential, and professional services that historically were available only to the Seller. As your full-time advocate, researcher, advisor, negotiator and local community expert, you have a powerful ally.

What are Exclusive Buyers Agents?
Exclusive Buyer Agents are real estate professionals who dedicate their business lives to single buyer agency real estate which means they never take a listing and never represent sellers. Exclusive Buyer Agents must work for an Exclusive Buyer Agency, an agency who never represents sellers, in order to guarantee never having to compromise their buyer services.

How EBAs Benefit Home Buyers
Exclusive buyer agents work for the home buyer. But there's something even more important than who EBAs work for. The biggest deal is who they don't work for. EBAs never work with sellers and never list homes. They don't work for agencies that ever represent sellers. This benefits home buyers in many ways.

Legal and Ethical Obligation to You
Since they never list homes for sale, exclusive buyer agents are liberated from the legal and ethical obligations that put the focus on the seller and distract from the homebuyer. Instead, their fiduciary responsibility is to you.

From Customer to Client
You're no longer a mere customer, of interest only as a potential buyer of product. Instead, you become a client engaged in a consultative relationship, sharing the goal of finding you the exact right home. Full Representation Now you're the one benefiting from the Law of Agency and the REALTOR code of ethics. That puts the agent's full focus on you. And, it makes sure you get complete, 100-percent real estate representation throughout the home buying process.

Clear Code of Confidentiality
Unlike a dual agent, all the information about you, from the amount you'd pre-qualified for to when you must close on your current house, considered clearly and completely confidential by an exclusive buyer agent.

Increased Privacy
Harder to define than what dual agents must tell their clients is what they might reveal. An innocent comment, and nothing generally considered confidential, can tip the scales in a cutthroat negotiation. Maybe you think the large, fenced in yard would be perfect for your dog. Or the house is only one you found that could cut thirty minutes off your commute. Since your exclusive buyer agent is not having regular contact with the seller, this private information won't even have a chance to slip out.

Negotiating Partner
As your advocate, responsible only to you, an exclusive buyer agent can be a powerful negotiating partner. With a practiced eye, an EBA can share whether the home is overpriced. He or she knows the signs that reveal a motivated seller.

Aggressive Advocacy
Freedom from all ties to the seller removes any incentive, subconscious or otherwise, for agents to misrepresent. Instead, exclusive buyer agents work in their own best interests by making sure you know everything you need to. That assures you accurate and objective information about a home's value, physical defects, neighborhood and market conditions.

Nothing Out of Pocket
Choosing to work with an exclusive buyer agent costs you nothing out of pocket. As with most real estate transactions, an EBA's pay comes out of the seller's proceeds at the time of the sale.

Making Sure it's a Real Exclusive Buyer's Agent
Exclusive buyer agents are understandably proud of their fiduciary representation. They make no secret of their loyalty to home buyers. If a REALTOR is an EBA, that fact will be touted on letterhead, business cards and ads.
You still need to be careful.

Some agencies may say they have buyer agents or buyer brokers and that they keep them far away from the agents who represent home sellers - but that doesn't matter. No one doubts that a dual agency has the best intentions. But, simply printing "buyer representative" on their business cards doesn't change the reality.

The firms seller and buyer agents could work in separate counties, keep their names secret from each other and wear hoods to hide their identities at staff meetings.

None of this changes the most critical consideration: their legal and ethical duty is not to you, the home buyer, but to the seller.

The best way to be sure is to ask the simple question:
"Do you or does your agency ever list homes for sale?"

Unless you get a simple "no" you're not talking to an exclusive buyer agent.
And unless you want to settle for less than 100 percent representation when buying a home, this is not the real estate agent for you.

Representing Buyers Only Inc. is an Exclusive Buyer Agency.
We do not accept real estate listings ... and we never represent Sellers.
We represent Buyers and their best interests 100% of the time.

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