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Oak Island For nearly three hundred years, the name Oak Island was a misnomer. The island was not an island at all. It was connected to the mainland by mud flats that flooded with the rising tide. It wasn't until 1936, during the final stages of construction of the Intracoastal Waterway, when the Elizabeth River was deepened, did Oak Island truly become an island.

Because of the island's accessibility to land throughout history, Oak Island has long served as a military outpost. In 1826 Fort Caswell was constructed. Nearly fifty years later, the Oak Island Lighthouse and Lifesaving Station were completed on the island, creating a sizeable permanent population long before people regularly sought ocean front property.

Today, the island is a favorite for retirees seeking that idyllic beach town.

The island saw its first true development in 1939 when 40 cottages in the Long Beach area were erected. Almost overnight Oak Island was turned into a local favorite. Famous Big Band leaders drew people by the thousands to dance at the Long Beach Pavilion.

The city of Oak Island is actually the incorporation of two long-standing communities, Long Beach and Yaupon Beach. Leaders from the neighboring towns saw it fit to incorporate to reduce expenses of the tiny ocean-side communities in 1999.

The majority of the businesses in Oak Island are geared toward the thousands of tourists that visit the island every year, though recently some national retail and restaurant chains have opened on the island, providing for the every-day needs of island residents.

Of all the barrier islands, Oak Island is possible the most environmentally friendly. Designated Tree City, USA, the island is home to both a Bird Sanctuary and a Sea Turtle Sanctuary. Both are popular destinations for tourists and residents alike. Also, Oak Island is also the only North Carolina town to operate a greenhouse for growing sea oats and other native beach vegetation. The town also maintains The Oak Island Nature Center and Ocean Education Center.

The island also offers a challenging par three golf course for those who do not want to make the short drive to one of the many championship courses nearby.

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