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Sunset Beach Located 44 miles southwest of Wilmington, Sunset Beach remains one of the last working beach communities in the area. The majority of the town's residents still make their living from the fishing, shrimping and crabbing the waters that surround the village. Village residents are also famous for the custom fishing nets made on the island. People come from all over the world to buy the handmade nets.

For years, Sunset Beach was known only as a minor tourist destination. The wide powder sand beaches drew beachgoers in small numbers from around the region. But somehow, the idyllic beauty of the town remained a secret from the rest of the world - most of though most of its residents are happy about that. But more and more, Sunset Beach is becoming known as a retirement destination because of its easy-going lifestyle, multitude of recreational activities and proximity to larger cities.

A favorite thing to do for residents and tourists alike is to visit Bird Island, located at the west end of Sunset Beach. Bird Island is an undeveloped barrier island - one of the last, in fact - home to a large variety of wildlife. Many indigenous species live on the island, many of which are endangered, almost completely isolated from man. The island is the perfect window to the past of the area, giving visitors a glimpse back into time, before the islands up and down the coast were polluted with gaudy condominium developments and high-rise hotels.

Many quaint coastal communities, along with larger cities are all within easy driving distance from Sunset Beach. World-class golf, shopping, sightseeing, fishing, and dining options are all close to Sunset Beach. In fact, the world famous "Seafood Capital of the World" in Calabash is only five minutes away. For those seeking a bit more excitement Myrtle Beach is less than an hour away.

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